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Amazing Everytime

08/05/2018 by Samantha Lillico

Always quick service and good is amazing everytime.

Great Food

08/02/2018 by Maria D.

Great food, nice atmosphere and fair prices

Great Affordable Chinese

07/29/2018 by Jamie O.

Great affordable Chinese!! Never disappoints.  Lunch specials before 3 pm that pretty much cover it all.

Best Chinese in St. Charles

07/05/2018 by Jon D.

Best Chinese in St Charles!!  I've had at 4 or 5 other Chinese places in the st charles area and and 88 China has to be one of the freshest and best I've had to date. I'm always nervous of Chinese restaurants in this area because most are very small and unclean. I was not inside this restaurant but from other reviews it's well kept. 
I ordered online which was very simple and they took the card info at the door which is nice to not have to enter all your card information online. I got delivery and from the time I submitted my order till my doorstep was 30 minutes and I live about 12 minutes away. It was the middle of the afternoon so this may not be the case every time but I was quite impressed nonetheless. 
Food was very fresh. Fried rice had fresh veggies that weren't raw or undercooked and it wasn't greasy which was refreshing. Terayki Chicken was very tasty and the beef was cooked great. One of my favorite items were the dumplings(pot stickers). Fried and steamed were really good and the gravy they came with was delicious. I also got some fried wontons which were awesome although it's tough to mess those up. But I have had some recently from another restaurant here in st charles that had an almost "expired" taste to them. 
Overall very impressed with my initial try of 88 China. I've had some poor experiences with Chinese food around here mostly with taste but if this visit is any indication of the other entrees I will be sticking with this location for a long time to come.

Pad Thai is My Favorite

07/01/18 by Melissa Gendron

Might be a Chinese restaurant but the pad thai is my favorite dish. Giant shrimp, great sauce and can make it not spicy for me since I can't handle the heat. :)

This place is Top Notch

03/02/2018 by Christopher Vaught

The highest quality chinese food I've been able to find in St. Louis. Mongolian beef is simply amazing. This place is top notch. Love the online ordering system.

Very Impressed !

02/27/2018 by Sydney Rowland

So delicious!! Very clean inside and everyone was so kind. Very impressed, next time I visit Missouri, I'll be sure to stop through!

Scrumptious !

01/27/2018 by Pepekeao R.

We have tried and failed to be satisfied at so many places in st. Charles until tonight. Thanks you 88 China for making some of the best food we have ate in years! Try the BBQ pork appetizer! Everything was hot and fresh, everything we ordered exceeded our expectations. I went all out with happy family and my wife tried the chicken curry. The sauces were clean and hearty. The vegetables were crisp and cooked just right. The rice was just sticky enough to stay on the fork without being mushy. In a word scrumptious!

Always The Best Food

01/13/2018 by Ali Lambert

Always the best food! Been coming here for years! I recently was diagnosed with celiac disease and they have GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS!! Still one of the best places to take out and I'm glad they are able to accommodate my dietary challenges.

No one Can Compare

01/11/2018 by Deej Hartnett Trupiano

Possibly our favorite place to order food in the St. Peters area! Sometimes my husband and I decide to try a new place - but we always come back to 88 China because no one can compare!!!

I Can Eat Here Everyday

01/07/2018 by Chanta Renee

I love this place! I work right next door and i can eat here everyday! Everything is cooked fresh to order and the staff is unbelievably nice. Food is great!! And restaurant is verry clean!

You Won't be Unhappy at 88 China

10/27/2017 by Mike H

Very impressed with this little Chinese cafe. They greeted me immediately and with smiles. The order was made simple because they have the entire counter setup as a brightly refined menu to choose from when you are ready. The crab Rangoon's are rich and delicious - come with red sauce to dip if you choose. The shrimp lomein was equally tasty -- not too salty! Hot and sour soup is a varying taste among people who eat it . But I enjoy a hearty soup with some kick to it so I was not at all disappointed on this visit. The pricing is exactly what you'd expect to pay - no way did I feel like I got too little for what I paid ($14) so in all - my experience as a first timer was great. Try it yourself - you won't be unhappy at 88 China.

This Place is By Far My Favorite

09/02/2017 by Michael F.

I have been to all of the Chinese places around this area and even most 88 China's. And I have to say, this place is by far my favorite out of most of them! Rather you go in for pick up, or get it delivered, the good service is there. I have tried most items on the menu, but my favorite would have to be the salt and pepper shrimp, or the black and pepper shrimp or black and pepper beef. Anything I have tried here is full of delicious taste and flavor, but these three my taste buds just can't get enough!  I'll be back after the holiday!!

We're Sticking with 88 China

06/29/2017 by Jeff Roach

Really good Chinese takeout. Took us a long time to find a replacement when our former hangout closed due to retirement. We're sticking with 88 China.

Lucky to Happen to Find This Place

06/26/2017 by Jerad Shuster

Hot and spicy beef was great! Lucky to happen to find this place. I will definitely be back.

My New Go-To Dish from 88 China

04/27/2017 by Jon Worley

I've already reviewed 88 China once before, but I recently discovered their Chicken Pad Thai, and the world needs to know how amazing it is. It's hands-down the best Pad Thai I've ever had, even better than the actual Thai restaurant down the street. Every spicy, sour, savory bite is delicious, and there's easily enough for two meals. The only problem is the amount of self-control required to put down my chop sticks and save the rest for tomorrow. It's my new go-to dish from 88 China, and if you give it a shot, it might be yours too.

Love this place

04/12/2017 by Kayla Kemp

Love this place! Did shed a tear for today hearing they were out of dumplings, but decided it was ok and I'll still come back ����

Love the Food

02/09/2017 by Rob B.

Love the food. It's convenient to my location and is a common stop for us when we crave Chinese.

I Will Definitely be Going Back

02/08/2017 by Dennis S.

I just moved to St. Charles and was craving Chinese. I stopped in and ordered cashew chicken and hot and sour soup. The food was ready in about 6 minutes, which was very quick. I got home and realized I left my cell phone at one of the tables. When I got back there, the very nice lady working there had placed it behind  the counter for me.
When I got back home and ate, I was very happy with my order. It was not overly salty like at some places. The portions were so large, I could only eat half. I will definitely be going back and trying new items on the menu.

Lunch / Combos and Menu Prices are Awesome

02/07/2017 by Alex S.

This is my go-to Chinese food here. My favorite thing about this place are the vouchers. Every time you order food (delivery, take out, dine in) you'll get a voucher that you can redeem for free food. Their lunch/combos and their menu prices are awesome. The only thing I will say is that if you're ordering for delivery it usually takes up to an hour to get it (if you're hangry, not a good idea to get delivery.. Trust me I've been there). If you pick it up, it's 15 mins. If you like spicy food, I recommend their "Hot & Spicy Chicken/Pork/Shrimp/ or Beef".... its delicious! Their  sweet & sour chicken, General Tso, and Kung Pao is also tasty.

88 China is a Rare Gem

01/28/2017 by Acaisha Buffo

88 China is a rare gem. They offer high quality food with high quality ingredients and wonderful service worth way more than the price the customer pays.

The owners are wonderfully kind and the food is always out of this world. I can't think of a better Chinese restaurant, and we've tried many over the years in both Chicagoland and St. Louis.

Food is Always Up to Par

01/27/2017 by Sarah J.

Me and my family used to go to another local Chinese restaurant, but 88 has become our favorite. They speak good English and can understand customers easily. They also have a voucher system to where when you purchase orders you get vouchers that you can later redeem for free food. Their prices are relatively average, and the food is always up to par with my expectations.

Our Family's Favorite Place

01/19/2017 by Lora Laseter

88 China is our family's favorite place in St. Charles! Very good food and highly recommended!

They Deserve 10 Stars !

11/18/2016 by Alyx Nic

FINALLY found a Chinese place with good food AND amazing customer service. LOVE the online ordering option. Had it ready to be picked up at the time I selected. They deserve 10 stars!

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