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Order Online


Enjoy ordering your food online thru your mobile devices

Welcome to our online ordering service. Note that our online ordering service is mobile friendly, and that means you can order thru any of your mobile devices. To start, click on the "Order Online" button on the right. You do not need an account to put in an order but it will be a better experience if you login as an user.  Try your first order now.

Choose your items and add them to your cart. If you have a special request on your order (charges may apply), you can enter that on your check out page.  We do not process any payment online,  it will be collected upon delivery (by the driver) or pickup (by the cashier).  We accept cash or credit card, but no checks please.  After your order is submitted, we will send you a confirmation email. Please allow about 15 minutes for a pickup order and about 30-45 minutes for a delivery order unless you have stated a specific time.  If you want to made changes to your order or check on the status, please call us at 636-447-9996. 

Why Order Online ?


  1. Order Anytime - You can put in your order anytime you like thru our website at the comfort of your home or office.

  2. Pickup Anytime - You can make advanced orders and specify a pickup time or delivery time.

  3. Reordering - You can look at all your past orders and make a reorder in just a few clicks.

  4. Dish Pictures - You can browse thru our menu and look at all the cuisine pictures and descriptions before you make your choices.

  5. Coupons - When you become an online customer, you will receive online coupons periodically.

  6. Fewer Errors - Computers handle data much better than humans, so there will be fewer human or language errors.

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