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Delivery Hours:


 Mon-Thur:   11:30am - 09:00pm

 Fri & Sat:      11:30am - 09:30pm

 Sun:              01:00pm - 08:30pm


2649 Muegge Rd.

St. Charles, MO 63303

Delivery Charges & Minimum

Starting May 18, 2018.  Our minimums for delivery has changed as the chart above: No minimum if less than 3 miles from us, $15 minimum if over 3 miles, $20 if over 4 miles and $25 for over 5 miles and so on.   Delivery Charge is $2.00 across the board. 

*  Our driver works for tips, please take care of them.  Any gratuities will be appreciated.

** Delivery is not available on orders contain ONLY free items (including Facebook Free Lunch and 6-way voucher).

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